The Perfect Human Form

Okay, so we all know who this is, right? If not, I'm not really sure that I can even deal with you right now. Anyways, even with his flushed cheeks, slumped walk and (hearsay) poor hygiene he is, in my opinion (for whatever that is worth) what a perfect human being should look like.

What is driving me crazy is how and, more importantly, WHEN did this happen???

Do we remember when he looked like this??

Poor guy was just the sidekick to Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter.

So said sidekick disappears for awhile then emerges as EDWARD! And now he looks like this:

I just don't get it, but quite frankly don't care how it happened. I want to thank whatever part of the universe that was responsible for this. My eyeballs are forever grateful!

BTW - My reason for this obnoxious, school-girl-crush post is to get me even more excited than I already am to go see NEW MOON tomorrow.

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