Reason 4,723 why I'm terrible at blogging

Okay so here I am and I so desperately want to write something captivating, funny, witty... just pick a word... but I've got nothing.

I love reading blogs, and keeping mine up... well adding buttons and widgets is about all the keeping up I do.... but I just can't seem to post anything.

Some fun facts:
Fact 1: I am a mommy, but I have no business calling myself a "mommy blogger."
Fact 2: I am on some workout mission, but I certainly have no business calling myself a "fitness blogger."
Fact 3: I love to talk and ALWAYS have something to say, but for whatever reason I can't put the constant stream of chatter in print.

So now what?

So again for the very few of you who do read this, just bear with me. I'm trying to get better at this and maybe one day I will.

*Update: Apparently I can't spell the word blogger or bear. I also don't proofread.

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